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Greenland Cruise Service can help right from the early planing phase. Like what route and which port calls to make in Greenland. And how we can setup the best possible program of shore excursions.

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Pilot Service

Ships with more than 250 passengers need an approved and skilled pilot onboard. Greenland Cruise Service can help you find the right, skilled and approved pilot for your cruise. According to Greenland Pilot Act No. 1698 of 11th December 2015, it is mandatory for all passenger ships with more than 250 passengers, to use a pilot when sailing within the Greenlandic National waters.

Law or not – the nautical charts of the Greenland waters are not very precise, so it just makes very good sense to bring a skilled pilot both considering the arctic conditions at sea and the lack of precise charts.

Getting through the ice

It is no secret. Ice can be a challenge at se in Greenland. Both the sea ice and the glacier ice. In the summer time it is mostly the glacier ice that challenge the traffic at sea. It is not dangerous if the you have the right knowledge and take the right reservations. Also make sure to have a buffer in the schedule close to those places where glaciers could produce ice in a scale to delay the program.

Ports like Ilulissat can get lots of glacier ice in only a few hours so that even the newest ice charts will not help the captain navigate to best way to the port. Greenland Cruise Service can help with a lead boat or a helicopter in the air to find the best and fastest way through the ice.

Tasting Greenland

The arctic climate in Greenland gives us a culinary raw material that will make any Michelins stared cheff pretty envy. Food brought to the world in a 100% natural way. No animals locked up in small spaces. No medicine and no chemicals.

Examples could be meat from reindeers and muskox. It could be artic cold water shrimps and halibut. And in the last few decades a new greenlandic kitchen has developed using all these ingredients.

Greenland Cruise Service can arrange a special tasting of the Greenlandic kitchen. It could be on the ship, on the harbor next to the ship or we could find another suitable setting like a viewpoint or a special building.

Culturel Events

Understanding the history and culture in a country gives the whole visit an extra dimension. That is why Greenland Cruise services finds it is important to offer these things. Some cities in Greenland have both art museums and historic museums. We can arrange visit both with or with out guided tours. Greenlandic choirs are popular. Beautiful melodies and lyric in greenlandic – and they wear the unique Greenlandic costume. The kayak used to be the most important vessel to the inuit hunters. Some are still very skilled kayakers who can make a great show. Drum dance is also an old tradition in Greenland. We can arrange a drum dancer to make a show on the ship.

Bus transfers

In Cities like Ilulissat, Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq it is possible to arrange bus transfers. It could be a shuttle bus to make it easier for the cruise guests to get to the town center. Or it could be buses to the airport in a pax exchange port.

On board

We can provide a Guide service onboard the cruise ship along the coast of Greenland. That will help the cruise guest to feel welcome in Greenland, a person to ask questions about Greenland, to help organize the port calls for a more smooth operation. We can also organize lectures onboard with different Greenlandic and arctic topics. Greenlandic movies onboard. And to top of a perfect day with shore adventures what is better with a greenlandic live music on the cruise ship?