Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

Always read the pages written in small prints. These terms and conditions are the basis of an agreement between you as a customer, and us as cruise handler. Therefore, please read the conditions before you make the final booking.

General information

All prices are given in DKK (Danish Kroner). The only fees added are such as the fee charged by banks for handling the transaction. In Greenland VAT or any other taxes are not added on excursions, accommodation or transportation.

All contracts between cruise ship and Greenland Shorex are made in English.

Planning & reservation

When planning the port call, shore excursions and other services booked through Greenland Shorex A/S you will receive a payment plan and cancelation plan after what rules applies to your booking.

Please check information on all confirmations and invoices. If anything is wrong, please contact Greenland Shorex as soon as possible, so we can make the proper changes.


GREENLAND SHOREX reserves the right to cancel arrangements on the following conditions: too few participants, bad ice-conditions, technical problems on boat or helicopter, social tasks (such as Search & Rescue-flights, ambulance flights and in connection to a search, changes due to passenger flights), bad weather and in any situation beyond the control of GREENLAND SHOREX, that will prohibit the execution of the excursion in a safe manner. It is respectively the captain of the helicopter and boat or GREENLAND SHOREX who decides if the weather permits the execution of the excursion or not – not the customers.

If GREENLAND SHOREX cancels an excursion, because of the reasons mentioned above, the full amount paid for the excursion will be refunded to the customer.

If excursions in this connection should be cancelled, we also refund those, provided they are booked through GREENLAND SHOREX. GREENLAND SHOREX doesn’t undertake the responsibility for other operators’ excursions if changes in the program affects these.

Shortened Excursions

Excursions can, of various reasons, be shortened or changed during the excursion. It can be the weather, snow conditions on the trail, ice conditions etc. No compensation or refund is given for changed or shortened excursions.

Hikes can likewise change because of fog or other kinds of weather which doesn’t allow the completion of the hike or planed route. It is the guide on the hike alone who decides this. Subsequently no compensation or refund is given for changed or shortened hikes.

Helicopter and airplane trips can be changed in route and length because of unforeseen weather conditions e.g. Fog, strong wind etc. It is only the pilot who decides this. The helicopter trip can also be shortened in case of social task (such as Search & Rescue-flights, ambulance flights and in connection to a search) and any situation beyond the control of World of Greenland that will prohibit the execution of the excursion in a safe manner. If the Helicopter trip has been reduced by several minutes, the missing/lost minutes will be refunded, if it cross 25% of the trip’s length altogether. There is no refund for missing landing and ground stop.

Boat trips can be changed in route and length depending on the weather and ice-conditions. It is the captain alone who decides this. Subsequently the lost minutes of sailing will be refunded, if this cross 25% of the excursion altogether. There is no refund on any lacking/missing time on land.

If you as a customer wish to cancel or change reservations

When the arrangement is booked for and confirmed, it is important that you notice the rules for cancellation that are sent to you.

GREENLAND SHOREX don’t take the responsibility for delays in the journey to Ilulissat in case of irregularity. Should the costumer be delayed in your journey to the specific port of the service, which means you can’t participate in a bought arrangement, we ask you to contact GREENLAND SHOREX as soon as possible. We will in every single case try to move the excursions and services, but there is no guaranty of this being possible.

Minimum number of participants

Certain excursions have a given minimum number of participants. The given number is written in the schedule. If the costumer choose start the excursion with fewer participant they also pay for the empty “seats” up till the minimum participants.

Dismantling Times

We reserve the right to change the written times on the program. We therefore keep in contact with the cruise ship in the weeks and days up till the port calls to make sure we know have many guests on each excursion and after what time schedule they will be running.

Transport to and from excursions

In general, all excursions starts and ends at the place in the harbor where the cruise ship or tender boats docks. If certain excursions vary from this policy that will be clear in the agreed schedule. If the cruise ship anchor up outside the port it will sometimes also be possible that boat excursions starts directly from the cruise ship.

Contact information

Please be sure that GREENLAND SHOREX gets the correct contact information – both on the staff in the planning phase, the accounts and the staff on the ship in the shore excursions department.

Difficulty level

Greenland Shorex require that you have thoroughly read the excursion description of the ordered excursions. Including that the level of difficulty is matching physical achievement of the participants.

Participants are responsible in case they are not able to complete an excursion due to their physique. There is no refund or compensation, and any possible extra charges caused by interrupting the excursion will fall upon a participant.

Privacy Policy

When you have reserved an excursion at Greenland Shorex, we gather following information about the ordering company and payer:

Company name address, e-mail, means of payment and correspondence of the agreed order.

Greenland Shorex might collect names and gender on selected excursions on all participants. This information on the participant will be passed on to Air Greenland if the person has bought a helicopter trip as this is required by the airline authorities. Likewise, the participant will be passed on to the shipping company Disko line or other boat supplier, if one has bought a boat trip. In addition, the information given to Greenland Shorex will not be passed on. Information is kept safe. Your data will be saved 5 years, since it is required that all accounting records are stored for 5 years.

Greenland Shorex is responsible for your personal data is not passed on to any other than the above-mentioned parties. As registered, you always have the possibility for insight, and you can raise an objection towards being registered in accordance with the rules of personal data.

Personal information is kept and transmitted non-crypted, however handled on a secure server. Payments are handled by the bank.

Liability to pay compensation

Greenland Shorex renounce any responsibility in proportion to cancelled excursions and compensations to expected experiences. Furthermore, we also renounce any liability to pay compensation in proportions to delays which means that the participant lose connection to other transports.

Furthermore, Greenland Shorex limit the liability to pay compensation for the aviation transporter that are relevant for the sum/amount laid down in the Aviation law of 1960 with later additions. And for sea transport referring to the sum/amount laid down in the “Maritime law” and Athens convention regarding sea transport.


In each situation, Greenland Shorex will endeavor to exercise as much caution as possible and take all relevant safety measures. However, we emphasize that participation in our trips is the participant’s sole responsibility, and he/she thereby accepts the inherent risks. Greenland Shorex is not liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense because of participation in our trips. The participant is requested to carefully evaluate the situation and back out if he/she feels unsafe.


Any complaints are to be stated during the outing so the unsatisfactory conditions/circumstances can be tried to be solved at once. They are also going to be directed to the staff of Greenland Shorex immediately after the ending of the tour/trip. If you can’t solve the complaint, a written complaint is to be sent no later than 3 weeks after returning from the trip. All proceedings against Greenland Shorex are to be brought to the municipal court of Ilulissat in accordance to the Greenlandic judicial system. Complaints should be sent to e-mail info@greenlandcruiseservices.gl.

Price change after reservation

At Greenland Shorex we have to reserve the right to after reservation, to increase the price because of changes in the conditions of purchases, cost of transport (including the price of fuel, taxes, charges or fees like airport-, landing- or take-off fees), foreign exchange quotations or other circumstances that we as organizers can take into account beforehand. It is rare to happen.


Greenland Shorex has the compulsory product insurances. But it doesn’t cover insurance of the participant’s personal belongings. Should personal belongings be damaged or lost on the excursion it is at one’s own expense or insurance. We therefore recommend that you write an insurance that cover these cases before leaving the native country.

Other conditions

We have done our best to avoid misprints in our catalogues, brochures, advertisements and in our website, but of course it could slip. Therefore, we make a reservation for misprints in these printed media. Any demand against Greenland Shorex is to be brought to the municipal court in Ilulissat in accordance to Greenlandic judicial system.

Terms of payment

Payment for excursions and other services must be paid prior to arrival to the bank account of Greenland Shorex. A specific payment and cancellation plan will be sent with the conformation.

There will not be provided any services if not paid in advance.